4 questions to understand your audience

audience Oct 20, 2021

Great storytellers don’t just know their audiences, they understand them innately. 

When Des Traynor set up the software company Intercom, with his three friends, he knew exactly who their audience was - businesses who wanted to talk directly to their customers. He decided to blog to tell Intercom’s story and talk directly to their customers. He was so dedicated that he  wrote 93 of the company’s first 100 posts. 

Like Des Traynor, great storytellers know their audience on a deep and meaningful level. It feels like that sound you get when you tune into a radio station and hit the sweet spot of the frequency. All the static is gone and you can just hear the clear sound. 

How could you understand your organization's audiences better? You should start knowing the answer to these four questions:

  1. How would you describe your audience in a sentence?
  2. What are the defining traits of the people in your audience? What traits, habits, or characteristics put them in your audience? It could be their age; location; taste; interest or desire in a fashion, hobby, or activity; income; occupation; or gender.
  3. Who or what influences them?
  4. What are their pain points, and how do you cure them? 

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What is the Magic Slice?

What you need to bin powerpoint and start telling stories.

What is the Magic Slice?

What you need to bin powerpoint and start telling stories. 

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