What is the Magic Slice and why you need to find it

magic slice Oct 20, 2021

How do you craft stories that connect with people and get them to act? How do you get people to hear, and care about, what you’re doing?


In the autumn of 2015, I was busy preparing for a huge milestone in—the media contacts and story sharing software company I founded. 


When one of our clients shared the 100,000th story through our platform, I had an epiphany about the true nature of communications. 


What did I discover? The previous seven years and 100,000 headlines fused into a single thought about how stories are created and shared. 


In my moment of clarity, I made a discovery about how the most successful storytelling organisations operate, and I documented it. I realised that the most engaging entrepreneurs, charities, and causes create and share their stories in a unique way that ensures they are successful. 


For the first time, I could see that there is a unique place where the attention of an audience is perfectly aligned to the power of a story. In this place the customer, user or audience member, is most receptive and open to the power of your story. 


Imagine this place as the intersection of two circles, where one circle is what you want to talk about, and the other is what people are interested in. I called this discovery your ‘Magic Slice’. 

The Magic Slice is what makes Yvon Chouinard’s story of founding the ethical adventure brand Patagonia engaging. It’s what makes the story of how Hackney Council created a local newspaper the media couldn’t compete with so compelling. And it’s what makes David and Clare Hieatt’s quest to get the small town of Cardigan in West Wales making jeans again unmissable. 

Imagine if you could routinely, systematically and quantifiably tell stories about your Magic Slice of content that would resonate with your audience. What would this look like? If your inclination is to just talk about your product or service, then you are not there. 

Would you like to find your Magic Slice? 

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What is the Magic Slice?

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