Why those with the best stories succeed

storytelling Oct 20, 2021

Story = the most powerful communications tool. A simple way to convey intention, meaning, information and emotion. 


The next time you are struggling to get the world to care about your work, remember this: 


Those with the best stories succeed.

So why do we share boring press releases and technical articles instead of emotionally-charged stories? In addition to the obvious areas like sales, marketing and communications, why don't we place stories at every level of our organisations, at the heart of our businesses?


Stories can be a driver for all the following areas: Mission and values, speeches and keynote presentations, the recruitment process, marketing, sales and PR, and requests for funding and finance.


The holistic story of Burt’s Bees resonates with millions of customers every day. It communicates the simple and sustainable principles of its founder Burt Shavitz. People buy that story every time they purchase the brand's lip balm, yet what few of them realise is that Burt Bees is owned by Clorox a company better known for bleach than sustainable product. They buy the story. 


Great stories solve big problems and overcome the most difficult of obstacles. Great stories defeat apathy by identifying, arousing and exciting people’s most basic needs and getting them to act. Great stories overcome distraction by grabbing attention and forming an emotional connection to your cause. Great stories are a magnet for more. They get more attention, more funding, more purchases, more donations, more media coverage. 


The most successful brands consistently channel positive emotions to their customers. Stories are the best way to convey meaning and channel emotions through empathy. 


The power of empathy through stories is summed up by this line from the American novel To Kill a Mocking Bird.

“You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes.”


How could you be a better storyteller? 

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