You have a communication problem. 

You need a story.


Driven by real-life case studies, The Magic Slice is a clarion call for anyone who needs to find their own Magic Slice - that unique place where what you want to say is exactly what your audience wants to hear. 


You have a great product or service, but people aren’t responding to your marketing - or your message. You are brimming with enthusiasm, but you don’t know how to spread the word.


You need a story.


Learn to apply the Six-Step Magic Slice Process. Unlock your creativity and practice it every day. Discover the science behind storytelling that will make you a magnetic communicator.


Walk step by step through the process of coming up with a story idea, applying key story elements and structuring your story to give it impact. 


Whether you’re a founder, CEO, or communications manager, The Magic Slice is the missing element that can transform your message into a compelling story. 

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“This is a great book that demystifies the art of storytelling and unveils a simple process that anyone can follow to be a skilled communicator.”

Pat Phelan
Co-Founder of Sisu Aesthetic Clinic

“I’ve been helping keynote speakers construct narratives for over 15 years, and I still learned something right from the book’s introduction. Like any great story, Jack Murray’s The Magic Slice is both compelling and insightful and will be a great tool for any communicator looking to up their game.”

Herb Kim
Founder of the Thinking Digital Conference

“Stories are the bridge to getting ideas from your mind to the minds of others. If you want to understand how to put stories at the heart of your mission, read this book. Jack blends theory, narrative, and practical know-how to give you the tools you need to tell stories.”

Patrick Campbell
CEO & Founder of Profitwell

The Magic Slice: What you will learn


Get access to the exercises referenced in the book.

These include:
  • Find your Mission
  • Identify your Audience
  • Create your Magic Slice Topic
  • Create your Magic Slice Statement
  • Generate Compelling Stories.

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  1. How to apply the six-step Magic Slice process to transform your message into a compelling story.

  2. How to find a compelling mission and articulate it.

  3. How to identify your key audiences.

  4. How to ignite your creative spark.

  5. How to create great stories and how to use them effectively to communicate and engage with customers and generate business.

  6. How to unlock the power of storytelling.

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